Responding to the news that the police have concluded their investigations into covid rule breaches in Downing Street Spokesperson for Covid-19 Bereaved Families for justice Safiah Ngah said:


“Eight events investigated by the police have resulted in a fine. Eight occasions in less than a year where those at the very heart of Government broke the laws in place to protect us all. Over 100 fines. Nothing short of a terrible insult to those of us who lost loved ones to Covid-19.


We have spent years now calling for lessons to be learnt in order for lives to be saved, all the while the Government told us they were. How can that possibly be the case when they either didn’t know the rules they set for us all, didn’t care about them or thought they only applied to people less important than them?


The nearly half a million pounds this investigation has cost could have been spent on support services for the bereaved. Instead it was spent investigating our own Government and all because they lied and failed to acknowledge they had broken the law.


Conservative MPs promised they would make their mind up about the Prime Minister when the Sue Gray report is released. There is no reason for that report to be delayed any longer.


Every day they do not act they allow a man who gaslit us and lied to the faces of the bereaved when he claimed he did “everything possible” to save our loved ones remain the highest office in the land.”