“Today in Parliament Matt Hancock claimed that he and the Government has a track record of openness, transparency and explanation and that they ”will keep on with the spirit of openness and transparency”.

Over 2,660 questions have been answered in Parliament but he has refused to answer a single one from us – how can he when both himself and the Prime Minister have refused to meet with us directly on seven occasions?

If you are serious about being open and Transparent Health Secretary we call on you to meet with us next week and to release the Government’s internal lessons learnt review – how else can you stand there and tell bereaved families across the country you are open and transparent?

Yet again the Government has missed the point and concentrated on a political sideshow, throwing blame at each other and other politicians. All the public care about is saving lives and the inquiry plays a fundamental role in that – it must be brought forward to prevent more people experiencing our pain.

This political pantomime continues to show a level of disrespect to our lost loved ones and brings us no closer to the answers we need for lives to be saved. If the Government has time to play a leading role in this sideshow they have the time to get on with an inquiry.” Matt Fowler, Co-Founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice